Bird helps clientsbring digital productsand servicesto markettransformbusinessesand make it happen. 

My friends call me Bird. 🐦

I'm an award-winning creative director, designer and product guy living in New York Providence Washington, DC. I help growth start-ups, technology companies and enterprise teams to create digital products and services, addressing a wide range of design, technology and business problems. I also work with strategy and development teams to help them measure, shape and execute marketing-led initiatives to position brands, create awareness and drive sales.

Currently, I'm the Creative Director at MojoTech, a digital product development consultancy that makes software for web, mobile, and network-connected platforms like watches, readers, HVAC and other cool hardware. My primary duties within the organization are to oversee its product design capability across its four offices and operate its office in Washington DC.

Do you have a challenging product development, design or marketing-led project? You can hire me.


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I'm currentlyreading "On Leadership" by John Gardner

I'mpracticing hedging strategies using derivatives

I'mreading "Lean Analytics" by Alistair Croll

I'mMasterClassing™ with businesses in Toronto

I'mdeveloping a Collaborative Filtering prototype

You can find me on the web. I tweet about design, technology, equity markets, advertising and other esoteric web findings on Twitter. I'm on LinkedIn as well, if you have an idea or opportunity you’d like to discuss. Else, shoot me an email. If you have an interesting project I'd love to hear from you.

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